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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Short and Sweet!

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because baby boy is sick with RSV! He's napping now, and I have a ton of things to get done during this time frame...fellow mommas ya get what I'm
Saying!? I'm trying to prepare for our State Kindergarten conference (Mon-Tues), get my house in order, coordinate with my room mom for our Christmas party, and make sure to reminder parents to turn in money for our field trip this coming Friday. My head is spinning! I was SUPER excited about my SDE Kinder conference, but with everything else going on, I feel like its the last thing I should be doing...only thing is, I can't back out! December really can get super crazy!!

Ok, so here are a few pictures of what went on in room 602 last week!!

Monday, the kiddos made their own advent wreaths and I was oh so proud, I definitely did not think they would be able to do as much on their own as they did!  My assistant and I pre-wrapped the pipe cleaners with tulle, which made it much easier for the children to work with.  Here is a completed one, done by one of the students.

 And we were also greeted by our sneaky classroom elf, Elfie!  Original right!??  But hey, that's what they voted for :)

 And Tuesday came around, and our poor little elf had to be hospitalized! Can you believe it, a little booger sweet heat touched him while I was lining the kids up to leave, and made the mistake of telling my assistants son, who then told me! Let's just say there was GUILT written ALL over the kids face the next day as I read the email from Santa about how HE knew what happend and who had touched him!

Thank goodness he made a quick recovery, because he was back in action playing the the Fridge :)

They really got a kick out of this one!  And YES, I did leave poor Elfie in the fridge overnight :(  He was stuck to the frost Thursday morning when I checked on him!  Oops...

Thursday, we found him playing with our games!

And Finally Friday, he went fishing!  That crazy elf!

We made these sweet little mangers with tongue depressors! {I have a million}

We studied the letter V this week and with it we did the "V is for Vixen craft" with a writing activity!  Take a look at some of the examples {This is my Reindeer Games Packet but I made it to Vixen by changing the red nose to brown}
he said he would go to Knox's house!

She was going to stop at her friend Mackie and Parker's house.

Yes, she is not a neat freak and needs a little work on spacing, but she is going to stop at her friends house!  I am so proud of her for getting this down on paper. 

And this little friend is going to go to the water park!

I am really enjoying pushing and watching these little ones grow with their writing skills!  It's amazing to see the growth so far, I can't wait for the end of the year!

And here is my favorite activity {thanks Pinterest!}that we did last week!  We started RACK'ing people! Random Acts of Christmas Kindess....that is!  I found a picture of the Grinch on Pinterest and tried to incorporate it into a classroom and home thing for the kids.  When they do kind things at home they write it down on the heart and bring it to school so we can make the Grinch's heart grow larger with a love for Christmas!  They loved it!  Our first RACK, was sneaking into the teachers lounge and taping a dollar bill to the vending machine....I'm sure I wasn't supposed to bring 26 kids in there, but hey! they had fun!

Here is the man himself!

The saying on the chevron posters came from a picture I saw and wish I could give credit to the original person, but the pin took me to a random place and apparently not the right blog.  I made up the little poem so that passer-byers would know what we were doing with a 6 foot tall Grinch stapled to our wall!  And yes, toot toot, cause I'm tooting my own horn....I DID draw this guy free-handed.  I even impressed myself and totally made my kids think I am an artist.   I am thinking of uploading the poems with the parent letter and hearts to TpT as a freebie....Leave a comment if you think it is something you might be interested in and I will go from there!

So, I know I forgot somethings from last week, but I am running out of time and need to get to my house!
Lots of Christmas love- Lindsey

And Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


  1. Love the manger! Would you have a template of the star?

    1. I sure do! Send me your email and I will be happy to send it your way!

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      Thanks so much!!

    3. Hi there! Could you send me the star template to?? Thanks a ton!

  2. My class named our elf Elfie too! How funny!

  3. Hi there! Could you send me the star template to?? Thanks a ton!

  4. ps I would love a copy of the grinch activity! LOVE! Could you send me the link?? Thanks!