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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hellllloooooo Saturday!

Oh, how I have longed to see you all week.  As I reflect back how last week I can't help but think....some things could have gone a little smoother.  I feel like my kiddos are starting to pick and poke at one another constantly, they are having a very hard time focusing overall AND all they want to do it chit chat while I am attempting to teach!  What happened to my sweet babies...I know they are in there somewhere,!!!?? I was hoping for a calm *normal* {ha} week before the mass chaos begins next week {Spirit Day, Thanksgiving Feast with Parents, and Grandparents Day} but I had no such luck!  And I know for a fact this week was crazy when I went to upload pictures this morning and realized I only took 80 or so pictures...which isn't very many for me!

So here is a little wrap up of how our week went:

Monday and Tuesday were ALL election and President talk.  We read Duck for President and we also took an online Tour of the White House via TIME magazine for Kids, among other things. I have a class subscription that we read together.  They LOVE these magazines.  Just like a weekly reader, but a little more in-dept and magazine like.  Then of course we VOTED!

Kiddos brainstormed qualities of a good president!

I whipped up this little White House {we were studying the letter W} craftivity to go along with a Elections packet I had from Gladys Election Packet.  We made a 3d white house to hang outside.  I loved hearing about what they would do if they lived in the white house!  This little girl would "invit Emma uofra" {invite Emma over}.  Don't you just love to see them using the strategies you teach them!  Even though she was a little off with *over*  you can definitely tell she is trying and stretching out sounds! Proud moments :)

We made Hot Dog H's for our H letter study!

Thankful Sight Work Turkeys more previews at the bottom of the post!

And here are some of our Thankful Sight Word Turkeys that the kids worked on in the Art center this week.  Some look like they are in distress while others are looking like perky little turkeys!

We wrapped up our week with a trip to visit our school priest.   In early October, our class made rosaries and we walked over for him to give them a special blessing...It was a perfect way to start our Friday.  Calming!  How beautiful if this church?
We talked with Father, the kids listened and laughed, and we walked back to school {a parking lot away}.  Now I am going to brag because they we REALLY REALLY good. BUT you know there is always little Johnny who is ALWAYS in the front who tends to make your teeth clinch because he was swinging  his rosary around in the air BY THE CRUCIFIX and as Father was talking I could just see it flying and hitting him smack dab in the forehead.  But thankfully, I was able to make eye contact with him, and my aide was able to kindly go and remind him where we were and what he was supposed to be doing.  So all was good :)

We were also working on Solid and Flat shapes this week so we had a fun Math lesson wrap up where the sorted flat and solid shaped foods!  They enjoyed it!

I came across this quick and cute idea on Pinterest and thought it was an easy way to assess who was really understanding solid and flat figures.  And it worked!  I still have 2 or 3 who really just don't get it.  So I now know who needs a little re-teaching!

And Finally, next week!

We will be using my Pilgrim Pack and Gobble Gobble Pack throughout the week.  I am not introducing  new letters or new Math concepts...This week will be all Pilgrims, Native Americans, Turkeys and Family!  Oh, and I am giving them {and their parents} a break from homework too!  I truly think they need it.

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As always, thanks for Keeping Up and Happy Saturday Y'all!


  1. Wow, you have a lot going on in your classroom! Looks like so much fun. Love your turkeys, so cute. The shapes lesson would be great even in second. I am your newest follower:)

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Thank you so much! I will be such to stop by and follow your blog :)

  2. Love the food sort for shapes! Looks like fun!

    Andrea M.

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  4. I used to teach K and I loved it! But I had to move closer to home! Glad I found your blog and I'm a new follower! Stop by my blog and check it out!