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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Yep!  Thank goodness for the weekends! {TGFTW}

I really think it should be a rule that Trick or Treat should be observed the Saturday before the 31st if it falls on a week day!  My poor babies were tired, cranky and just down right nuts-O the two days after Halloween!  It. was. rough.

We did lots of pumpkin, scarecrow, bat and other fall things leading up to Halloween and I saved SPIDERS for the week of.  My kids LOVE non-fiction.  When I read, I can see their little brains thinkin' away.  We read about spiders from books and watched a few quick videos from {This is a great site for all things Science and Social Living} They loved the fact that spiders actually taste with their FEET!

We are not supposed to have an actual "Halloween Party" so we call it a Halloween Center Celebration!  The parents were invited to come and we played BINGO, decorated small pumpkins, decorated cupcakes, ate a snack and took pictures in a "photo booth" using sticks with big smiles, bow-ties, funny glasses and other props!  They certainly enjoyed themselves and I think the parents did too :)

Here are some pictures of our Halloween week!
"Dissecting" the pumpkin.  Predicting how many seeds would be inside!
Recording their findings!

Feeling the gooey "pulp"

We put the seeds in groups of ten first, then counted by tens to get the real number

On Halloween day, we used pumpkins to measure the kids, myself and other things around the room.

Recording their findings again!  They had to predict how many pumpkins tall they were, and they also had to ask a friend how many pumpkins tall they were!  They enjoyed this so much!

Waiting patiently to me measured!
Spider hat template can be found in my TpT store too!

The recording sheet.

This is monster Math for last weeks math center.  I found it as a FREEBIE over at  The kids LOVED it.

Fall syllable clapping and recording.

I believe they had a blast!  And to think they were just getting started on their fun filled Halloween!

By the time the bell rang to go home, I felt like I had been  hit by a train!  Or at least I think that's what being hit by a train feels like!!  I kept thinking on the way home...keep your eyes open...keep your eyes open...I was exhausted and it was only 4:00 and Trick or Treat doesn't start for 2 more hours! What in the world am I going to do?!!

Well my son did not want to be Woody and refused to put on his costume and I had no fight left in me so I asked him if he wanted to be a skeleton.  He decided on his skeleton jammies and keds {the $11.00 pj's we bought from old navy, not the $50.00 costume we bought from the Disney Store...lesson learned first time mom} But oh well, he was a cute skeleton too!  Michael didn't get home until after Trick or Treat started, so Thomas and I hung out and handed out candy and decided not to go full out and trick or treat around our neighborhood. {We had already trick or treated twice before with his grandma and in our neighborhood last weekend}  He enjoyed giving out the candy just as much as riding in the wagon, which made this tired teacher one happy lady!

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween adventures!

Walking with Dad....couldn't stay out in the wagon!

Super Thomas ready for his Halloween party at school!

KK and Woody

Cheese!  Can you tell Dad  had made it home...he gave him FUN DIP!  I wanted to strangle dear hubby!
 AND I forgot to mention that it was my hubby's school's Homecoming, which happens to be our Alma Mater too! So Thursday and Friday night were packed with parades and football games!  By the time Friday came, I absentmindedly left the camera at home and don't have any from the football game, I guess I will live!
Geaux  Pan'fers!! {Panthers}

Thomas' big cousins hanging out before the HC parade!

Thomas spotted his godmother, KK...who is without a doubt one of my  dearest friends.  I hate that we  don't live a little closer! {30 minutes away ;)} 

Thomas and Lolli watching as the parade rolls!

Looking back as I write this, thinking most of these events happened in the last three days completely makes me understand why I feel like I do today.  Worn. Out.

I am so looking forward to a quick 2 weeks of school, then a little R & R with the family for our Thanksgiving WEEK off!  Wooo Hooo!

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Our newset family photo....I used the same photo props for our  own Halloween get together .  I think the adults enjoyed them just as much as my Kinders!

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  1. Looks like your kids had lots of fun for Halloween. I love the pumpkin activity. I think my first graders would enjoy it too...maybe next year!

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!